1 Nanolash

Price: 39 £


Eyelash serum from American company Everett is the best combination of existing products for caring of eyelashes. Women who tested it decided that conditioner is rather good (some were less satisfied, and some more).

Cosmetic provided optimal elongation in each case. Also a lot of women could observe bold lashes and they had new expressive look. Clarity Eye Contour requires no emphasis. It also seems to increase the thickness of the base of the hair. The first results are visible after about 2 weeks (this is mostly an individual matter, some customers mention the 3 weeks).

A friendly applicator (such as eyeliner) does not impede the imposition of eyelash serum. During first application we should consider how much of the cosmetic is needed to effectively applying the cosmetic on the upper lash line.

Daily application of eyelash serum (recommended to apply for the night) does not cause inconvenience – burning, itching or watery eyes.

Price is satisfactory. This is probably the cheapest one of the available nutrients for the lashes. Maximum results at half price.

  • Extends lashes
  • Thickens lashes
  • Nourishes lashes
  • It has a nice packing
  • The price is acceptable.
  • Not available in drugstores

2 Revitalash


2 Revitalash

Price: 69 £


Customer often choose this condiotioner. Many women tried out 3-month course of treatment using eyelash re growth cosmetic. However, there are minor inconveniences among these advantages that hinder one, while others do not even pay attention to it.

Revitalash does not cause side effects (women rarely face the discomfort caused by the cosmetic). The application is very convenient - a small brush allows precise application. Eyelash serum does not get into the eye or cheek. The vision is not turbid during the day.

Effectiveness? This eyelash serum is a great solution for people striving for flirtatious glances. Hair length changes after 2-3 weeks after applying the cosmetic. Gradually they grow. They are elastic and shiny. Dose of vitamins is absorbed easily. Finally, treatment continues about eight weeks (content of the bottle is sufficient for that time)

  • Extends lashes
  • Thickens lashes
  • No side effects
  • Poor efficency

3 M2 Lashes

M2 Lashes

3 M2 Lashes

Price: 89 £


M2 Lashes Eyelash serum is made ​​for women who have had chemotherapy and lost their natural eyelashes. It immediately helps to ensure the growth of new eyelashes.

Eyelash serum was placed in a bottle with a condensing dispenser (similar as in the case of eye drops). It looks more like medicine than cosmetic for eyelashes.

Each packaging contains efficient applicators in the form of a brush with lots of bristles. You have to remember that every black brush is suitable for using it only once! Additionally, you can not apply the cosmetic on the lower part of eyelashes.

You have to avoid wearing contact lenses during treatment, because eyelash conditioner can discolor the lenses. After applying the conditioner you have to wait about 15 minutes to put on the lenses. You will have to reckon with the side effects, even if producer doesn’t say about them. These are mainly itching, redness of the eyelids.

You must follow the method of applying, which is described by the producer (applying a larger amount of eyelash serum will not hurt, but it also does not enhance the results). After completing the treatment the appearance of eyelashes will return to normal

  • Works like lengthening and thickening eyelashes serum
  • Fast effects
  • It can cause side effects
  • Be very careful during applying the serum
  • expensive

4 XLash


4 XLash

Price: 29 £


Serum for eyelash and eyebrows. Clinical studies confirm the improvement of eyelashes even up to 85%. Maybe it is too prohibitive in statistics, but the growth of eyelashes is guaranteed.

Conditioner contains hyaluronic acid, panthenol, glycerin, allantoin and other natural ingredients (extracts of pumpkin and cucumber). This mix is a perfect composition for conditioning the lashes. They will be moist and elastic.

It is safe for people who use of contact lens. There were no side effects or allergic-type changes in the color of the iris. Although a slight itching can appear (but not always).

Madarosis concerns about 60% of women. It is the increased death of hair follicles, which is aimed at making space for new midges follicles.

It is applied by using a brush, very similar to eyeliner. Cosmetic is placed on the upper eyelid – as if we painted bars (the difference is that it does not require so high precision).

Widely promoted by stars and celebrities.

Only available on producer’s official website.

  • Natural components
  • Delicate eyelash growth
  • nutrition
  • madarosis
  • The sensation of itching
  • Distribution only by producer




Price: 19 £


FEG Eyelash Enhancer was created to rebuild the lashes, especially those weakened by everyday makeup and external factors.

First tests on female consumers indicate that producer’s ensuring is not realistic. There are no changes after using in the length and thickness of lashes.

Women, however, noticed darkening of the eyelashes and their nutrition – a whole new look. Double cover-up was completely unnecessary.

The package covers a 3-month course of treatment using serum every day. The treatment seems to be too expensive for not full benefits.

  • It nourishes the lashes properly
  • Darkens the lashes
  • A huge number of fakes from China
  • Description of the manufacturer is not consistent with the results